Outlier Podcast Festival Pitch Contest Win!

denver podcast festival winners amy moore, erin linehan, anna newell jones

July was a big and exciting month for us! In addition to creating lots of fun podcast episodes about connection we had a chance to pitch our podcast during Denver’s very 1st podcast festival!

The podcast festival was a 2-day event held at the Savoy ballroom in Denver’s Curtis Park neighborhood. The podcast festival was hosted by Outlier HQ and House of Pod (where we learned all about podcasting from fine tuning our idea to the production and distribution of our podcast).

We had 3 minutes to do our pitch (to a live audience and panel of judges!) and then there was a 2 minute portion of questions!

It was a whirlwind of a lot happening in a short amount of time! Though we had a bunch of nerves we brought the energy and it all ended up coming together! We did great and ended up winning the podcast pitch contest!!

WE COULDN’T BELIEVE IT and we are still so, SO beyond excited!

We learned a ton about podcasting and are thrilled that we got to be a part of the event!

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