EP6: What’s So Wrong With Being Mediocre?

Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection, Episode 6: What's So Wrong With Being Mediocre?


If you’re an all-or-nothing type, a high-achiever, if you feel like what you do is NEVER enough or if you always give 110% at everything you attempt, (or know someone like this) you’re gonna love this episode! This episode is all about our connection to our internal drive, ambition, and the will to succeed! We discuss “mediocrity” (a big taboo for perfectionists and overachievers.) We talk about how living passionately (and sometimes extremely) is the only way that some of us feel our lives have meaning and worth. We talk about how being driven and productive can be an asset but how, on the flip side, this constant internal drive can also be incredibly exhausting and, at times, detrimental. We look at why some of us feel the need to prove our worth and when ambition stops being a good thing and starts to become a shield, or defense mechanism, to larger issues we may not want to look at. As always, we talk candidly about our own personal experiences and bring the real-ness. Be sure to tune in for this episode!  

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Reader question about how to go from an acquaintance to a friend 
  • How to strike the right balance between being overly-sensitive vs. thick-skinned in potential friendships
  • We talk about last episode’s challenge: giving sincere compliments about non-physical attributes 
  • The impact of our Love Languages 
  • How (sincere) compliments are great connectors and help others open up
  • The advantages of being serious and driven
  • How Brené Brown feels perfectionism is a debilitating defense mechanism
  • How to embrace your intensity and music to “chill” to 
  • How perfectionism can lead to procrastination  
  • Seven questions to find out if you’re a perfectionist or an over functioner
  • Transitioning from the first to the second mountain: from self-oriented to other-orientated. 
  • How our society focuses on the self rather than on community
  • Be obsessed or be average: all-in kind of people
  • The societal pressure and internal conflict around being a working mom
  • And much more! 

Resources and Links Mentioned in The Episode:

Intro and Outro Music Credit: Night Owl by Broke for Free from the Album Directionless EP (Creative Commons License)

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