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  • EP7: This Feels Like Home

    Take off your shoes, undo the ol’ bra, sprawl out on the bed, let your guard down, be the most honest version of yourself and fart freely! This episode we’re talking about the connection to home! We share tips for creating a cozy home, decluttering your physical and emotional space and understanding the relationship we have with our environment. We also have a special in-studio guest, Amy's dog, Dory! This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

  • EP6: What’s So Wrong With Being Mediocre?

    If you’re an all-or-nothing type, a high-achiever, if you feel like what you do is NEVER enough or if you always give 110% at everything you attempt, (or know someone like this) you’re gonna love this episode!

  • EP5: What’s Up With Women?

    This episode is about women and their relationships with each other! It's got a lot of laughter while still serving up lots of helpful wisdom nuggets. We reflect on what it means for someone to “stand in their own truth", how insecurity is often the root of cattiness, how feeling secure in oneself leads to celebrating, supporting and lifting other women up. We talk about “sisterhood”, the #MeToo movement, and so much more!

  • EP4: How to be a Terrible Friend

    Welcome back to the Less Alone Podcast! We start off with our experiences from the listening challenge then we talk about what it means to be a terrible friend. Last week we talked about how to be a good friend, so today we are flipping the switch to really dig deep and find out what qualifies as being a bad friend. In our conversation, we define one-sided relationships, we look at what causes people to get into unhealthy relationship cycles, and how EMDR can be used to get to the root of your issues.

  • EP3: Exactly How to be an Awesome Friend!

    On the show today we’re exploring what it means to be an awesome friend!

  • less alone podcast season 1 release dates

    Less Alone Podcast: Season 1 Release Dates!


  • EP2: The Secret to Making Friends When Life is Bustin’ at the Seams

    Today’s big topic is: How to Make Friends.

  • EP1: Hey, Nice to Meet You!

    In Episode One: Hey, Nice to Meet You! hosts Amy Moore, Anna Newell Jones and Erin Linehan introduce themselves and talk about the background of how and why this podcast, Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection, came to be.

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