SEASON 1 Launching June 5th!

We're PUMPED to announce that we're OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING SEASON 1 on June 5th!

On the 5th we'll be releasing TWO, yes, TWO episodes!!

We've got some fun things planned for the launch so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! (We'll announce those things in our  newsletter - so be sure you're signed up for that HERE - on Instagram, and in our Facebook community!)

Episode 1 is ALL about the foundation of who we are and what the podcast is gonna be about. It's silly and will give you some good insights about our personalities!

Episode 2 is ALL about Friends! How to make 'em, why we need friendships/meaningful connections and we include a ton of SUPER practical tips on how to make friends as an adult in our busy world!

You ready to get your listen on!?!  😁

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Less Alone A Podcast About Connection

Less Alone – A Podcast About Connection

In a world where we’re more in touch than ever but meaningful connections are lacking, 3 friends, Amy Moore, Anna Newell Jones and Erin Linehan, have taken their coffee shop chats to the podcast studio.

They explore connection and showing up as your true self.


We’re working hard on polishing up our first few episodes!

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