New Episodes!

We missed you!

After a long, pandemic-driven hiatus, we are back! In an effort to be more sustainable we have decided that we need to streamline and simplify our process going forward. Starting with our new season, Season 4, our goal is to publish 1 episode a month. We won’t be updating this website with each new episode’s info and we won’t be publishing as many new posts on our social media pages.

Honestly, we got a bit burnt out on how we were doing things before so we’re going to focus on doing more of the fun parts (recording and publishing new episodes) while reducing the not-as-fun parts (blog and social media posts, etc)!

Subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast player and when we publish new episodes you’ll get notified.

Easy! We like it! 😉

We’re glad to be back! Thanks for listening and thank you for your support over the years!

Amy, Anna, and Erin

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