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  • EP26: How to Be Content (& Other Easy Life Hacks)

    Boob tips, drag-racing, and so much more! Be sure to tune in!

  • EP25: Right-Sized Living w/ John Weisbarth of Tiny House Nation

    How to develop instant -- but not manufactured -- chemistry, the parallels between our all-time high levels of interconnectivity and heightened loneliness, bullshit meters, people-pleasing, rebels with bathtubs, flannel, course-correcting, and dumb laws. Plus, we talk about how “the real goal of the Tiny House Movement is not to get everyone into a ‘Tiny House’ but its power is in how it “encourages more efficient, right-sized living, so you have everything you need and nothing you don’t.” This episode is about the connection (and re-connection) to home and family. We chat about all this and much more in our interview with the charming and warm, John Weisbarth, so be sure to tune in!

  • EP24: The Best Advice is What You Already Know

    Undermining the instinct, validating the gut, the insidiousness of gaslighting, listening to fear (but not letting it drive the bus), and learning how to trust yourself again after making a “mistake”. Plus: karaoke, a bunch of “c” words, fear, intuition, nudges, hooks, and pulls. We talk about all this and more so be sure to tune in!

  • EP23: No Secrets w/ Feather Berkower of ParentingSafeChildren.com

    “Are you willing to feel a little uncomfortable by having these conversations so your child never has to live it?”

    How to connect to your gut instinct, weird vibes and not wanting to offend or get it “wrong” (but what if you’re right?). Saying f*ck politeness (as the My Favorite Murder podcast taught us), celebrating the “no”, realizing that we don’t get the weird feeling in our gut unless something IS “off”, normalizing the conversation around sex assault prevention, and how perpetrators are looking for parents that have a gut feeling and turn the other way because they’re too scared to speak up.

    We talk about all this and much more in our interview with the wise and empowering, Feather Berkower, she shares so many hands-on and practical skills so be sure to tune in! 

  • EP22: Learning How to Bravely Walk Away from “The Perfect Body”

    “Get out da way! Fat girl needs to eat!” In this episode, we’re fired up and we’re goin’ hog jaw about: internalized fatphobia, How To Deprogram from Diet Culture, letting go of the mental obsession with diet and weight. Plus, we talk about: The Pied Piper of Candy, lovin’ on some buttercream, becoming friends with your body, how to shed the critical voice, high-five training, mindfulness vs. meditation, and how to add in some joyful movement to get to the ultimate goal of: full-body acceptance.

  • EP21: The Art of Just Being w/ Katie Garces of KatieGarces.com

    “You’re not breaking any rules because there are no rules.” How to ask yourself important questions like: “what if I made friends with my body?” and, “what’s getting in the way of my greatness?” The joys of being a student, how to just “be”, releasing the mental obsession of “should I? Or shouldn’t I?”, big growth coming from big discomfort, letting go of the illusion of control, and trying to surrender to our bodies’ needs. 

    We talk about all this and much more related to our connections to the mind, body, and spirit in our interview with the wonderful, Katie Garces, so be sure to tune in! 

  • EP20: The Practice of Remembering

    The endless (and surprising!) joys of a deep belly button, bullet shells, burnt eyeballs, lovin’ on the mens, pro-level seques, How to Not Judge People, things you’d be surprised to know about us, absolutely riveting grocery store line stories, being #SorryNotSorry, and why 72 MPH is the perfect speed limit. Plus, we talk about the connection to community and (dare we say!) circles! 

    We talk about all this and more so be sure to tune in! 

  • EP19: Our Finite, Yet Infinitely Grand Life w/ Sadie Lincoln of Barre3

    Being a rebel cheerleader, the process of constantly forgetting and remembering, what it means to “hold circle”, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, snapping out of auto-pilot, redefining what “success” in fitness means, how to honor our bodies in every moment, learning to take up space, giving the greatest gift of all: undivided attention, honoring the collective wisdom, and the great connection between birth and death.

  • EP18: Imagine You Are ALREADY, Right This Minute, Worthy of Love

    Ghosts named Mary Jo Shibley, red flags becoming deal breakers, How to Torment Little Brothers, being your own safety net, inner hippies leading the way, jumping jacks while crying your eyes out, when energy is caught in the body, when to use life hacks (and when not to), and things that are better out than in, like farts.

  • EP17: Turning Hate Into Love & Other Magical Things w/ Eryn Eddy of SoWorthLoving.com

    “A lighthouse doesn’t choose the ships it brings to safety, and neither do we.” says the joyful ray of light, Eryn Eddy. In this episode we discuss our connection to our inherent worth, our struggles, and being a light in dark places. We talk about how to communicate our hearts and realize our inherent worthiness. Plus we chat about getting clear on our definitions of “worth” and “worthy”, doing things imperfectly, all the things accountants don’t want us to do, coming to terms with our “shadow” sides, and sharing toothbrushes with strangers. Be sure to tune into this fun episode!

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