BONUS! Season 2 Kickoff!

BONUS! Season 2 Kickoff! Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection

We are so excited to Launch Season 2 with this Bonus episode!  

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[0:00:21.8] AMY MOORE: We are three friends exploring connection. From the coffee shop to the podcast studio. I’m Amy.

[0:00:26.7] ANNA NEWELL JONES: I’m Anna.

[0:00:27.3] ERIN LINEHAN: I’m Erin.


[0:00:36.0] ERIN LINEHAN: We’re back people.

[0:00:37.4] AMY MOORE: We are back.

[0:00:39.1] ERIN LINEHAN: Making fun here.

[0:00:45.3] ANNA NEWELL JONES: We love it.

[0:00:47.5] AMY MOORE: There’s new headphones in the studio and Anna.

[0:00:51.6] ANNA NEWELL JONES: The cord is super tight. The cord is coiled very tightly.

[0:00:59.2] ERIN LINEHAN: Every time a new discovery of –

[0:01:03.1] AMY MOORE: How annoyed and it gets with the headphones?

[0:01:05.7] ERIN LINEHAN: It’s in the zone of this.

[0:01:07.8] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Then I have to wrap it around my mic stand thing and see, these two don’t understand because they are sitting close to the thing, their headphones aren’t stretched.

[0:01:19.3] ERIN LINEHAN: Okay.

[0:01:20.3] AMY MOORE: Less of that.

[0:01:20.2] ANNA NEWELL JONES: They’re living the high life, they don’t even know.

[0:01:21.9] ERIN LINEHAN: The high life.

[0:01:22.6] AMY MOORE: Here is the deal, a week ago, we were going to have our kickoff to season two live episode.

[0:01:33.3] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yup, with an audience.

[0:01:33.9] AMY MOORE: With an audience, we were prepared. Live recording.

[0:01:38.7] ERIN LINEHAN: Dancing with Biggie around all the studio.

[0:01:40.7] ANNA NEWELL JONES: We had big plans.

[0:01:42.9] AMY MOORE: Big plans, but instead, a blizzard came.

[0:01:46.7] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Total buzz kill.

[0:01:48.6] ERIN LINEHAN: Buzz kill.

[0:01:50.8] AMY MOORE: But it was so nice, I feel like with the feedback that we got form everybody and just like bummer, we’re going to reschedule.

[0:02:00.4] ERIN LINEHAN: Several good luck text messages.

[0:02:02.0] AMY MOORE: Leah, really sweet.

[0:02:04.5] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, we had to cancel.

[0:02:05.1] AMY MOORE: We had to cancel.

[0:02:06.8] ERIN LINEHAN: Mother nature has different plans.

[0:02:08.4] AMY MOORE: We’re going to do this little episode here today.

[0:02:10.9] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah.

[0:02:11.1] ERIN LINEHAN: Right. Intro to the season.

[0:02:13.5] AMY MOORE: Intro to the season.

[0:02:13.9] ERIN LINEHAN: Reflections we’ve had.

[0:02:15.2] AMY MOORE: Yup.

[0:02:15.5] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Welcome to Season 2.

[0:02:16.8] ERIN LINEHAN: Yeah.

[0:02:18.3] AMY MOORE: Can you believe it?

[0:02:18.5] ANNA NEWELL JONES: We’re so glad you’re here.

[0:02:19.9] ERIN LINEHAN: It’s a big one.

[0:02:23.7] AMY MOORE: The kickoff for Season 2 is happening right now.

[0:02:28.5] ERIN LINEHAN: Right now.

[0:02:30.8] AMY MOORE: Before we go into all the exciting things that are coming up in Season 2, we have a couple – well first we have a little Starbucks gift card action and – 

[0:02:44.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, we have a fun give away going on, we did this for the launch of the podcast and it was so fun and so awesome that we decided we wanted to do it again. What it is, we’re giving away $5 gift cards to Starbucks. What you need to do to get that is leave us a review, listen to some episodes, then leave us a review and you know – 

[0:03:09.4] ERIN LINEHAN: Screen shot it.

[0:03:09.9] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Screen shot it, send it to and just so you know, it does take 24 hours for reviews to appear so if yours doesn’t appear right away, that’s okay.

[0:03:21.2] ERIN LINEHAN: That’s why you got the screen shot.

[0:03:22.4] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, that’s why you got the screenshot and then we will send you a Starbucks gift card for the first – we have $75 worth to give away. Go ahead and get your reviews in ASAP so you can get that.

[0:03:33.9] ERIN LINEHAN: The math was tricky on that, huh?

[0:03:36.2] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah.

[0:03:39.5] ERIN LINEHAN: Just $75 worth, do the math yourself.

[0:03:43.4] ANNA NEWELL JONES: You guys get your calculator on, figure out how many we’re giving away.

[0:03:47.2] ERIN LINEHAN: I got nothing on that.

[0:03:49.2] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Math. It’s a tough one.

[0:03:51.1] ERIN LINEHAN: It is a tough one.

[0:03:52.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, we would love your reviews and ratings and all the things, send us a screenshot.

[0:03:57.8] AMY MOORE: What’s the email address again?

[0:03:59.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Hello@lessalonepodcast and if you’re one of the people that get your review in first, you will earn yourself a Starbucks gift card. Do that please if you love the podcast.

[0:04:10.1] ERIN LINEHAN: Sweet.

[0:04:11.3] ANNA NEWELL JONES: If you don’t love the podcast, do not leave a rating or a review. Thanks. Okay.

[0:04:19.8] ERIN LINEHAN: Let’s go.

[0:04:20.8] AMY MOORE: That’s good. The other thing that we have, that we wanted to do before we tell you what’s coming up in Season 2 are a few confessions that we have about Season 1 and our reflections – confessions, reflections, yeah?

[0:04:37.6] ERIN LINEHAN: Spend a little time here.

[0:04:39.0] AMY MOORE: It’s been a little bit of time and we found some humor in the three of us doing a podcast about connection based on – 

[0:04:51.6] ERIN LINEHAN: Because we’re not awesome at it all the time, let’s be honest.

[0:04:55.0] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Some people actually suck at it or I’ll speak for myself.

[0:04:58.6] ERIN LINEHAN: Now you can speak for us.

[0:05:00.1] AMY MOORE: Yes.

[0:05:00.8] ANNA NEWELL JONES: You also hate connection.

[0:05:04.4] AMY MOORE: We had some funny – 

[0:05:04.9] ERIN LINEHAN: Could you engage at things that you need to learn, right? This is why we’re doing this.

[0:05:08.5] ANNA NEWELL JONES: It’s like fascinating.

[0:05:09.8] AMY MOORE: That is so true, you engage in things you need to learn or you engage in things that you – 

[0:05:14.8] ERIN LINEHAN: Not everybody. Well, because it’s not healthy. Anna likes to say that we’re healthy all the time.

[0:05:21.7] AMY MOORE: Well, I think too, we have that article come out in 5280 magazine and I found it so funny that the word advice was in that article, we have – we have all the answers. 

As if we have answers but I’m going to start this little confession session off. Just to let you all know, this is how – this is the irony for me for Season 1. Here I am, doing a podcast on connection and yet, I am in the midst of getting a divorce. Irony.

[0:06:01.6] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Irony right there.

[0:06:03.3] AMY MOORE: Yes. What about you Erin?

[0:06:06.6] ERIN LINEHAN: I was on a hike in the fall with some of my old friends from camp and one of my friends, we were talking and she was saying like I was listening to the podcast and we were talking about, I don’t know what episode it was, about questions that you can ask people or whatever and I started to try to rattle off some things and I’m like, actually, I’m really terrible with questions. I really don’t know how to have, I’m not good with surface level conversation and it’s also sometimes hard for me to have.

With the interviews coming up, right? It’s hard for me to have conversations with people that are at a medium surface and so I can ask people in therapy, we can go very deep but that’s not super appropriate for interviews. Well it is, kind of but not in that capacity. Yeah, that I still don’t know how to small talk and I still don’t know how to connect with people that I don’t know super well unless it’s in a therapy context. That is my confession of connection.

[0:07:05.2] AMY MOORE: I’m doing a podcast about connection and I’m getting a divorce and then.

[0:07:10.6] ERIN LINEHAN: We’re doing a podcast about connection and a friend asks, what are good questions and I have no idea.

[0:07:17.5] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, and then, I had a recent situation where I went to a conference and I never met this person and I was just talking to her and I said something and her face dropped it was like shit, I fucked this up big time. That took a left turn. And then, just over and over at this conference, I was like man, I feel like I’m really not doing this connection thing, right?

[0:07:42.0] AMY MOORE: It’s hard a lot of the times.

[0:07:43.6] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah.

[0:07:45.8] AMY  MOORE: Okay, I have another one. I’m doing a podcast about connection and my mom told me I lied on the podcast about Barbies. That was really great.

[0:08:04.5] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Do you want to say like what she – 

[0:08:06.6] AMY MOORE: Yes. It was the episode I think about connection to our bodies and I was not allowed to have Barbies as a kid and my sister, I have sister. My sister and I were recently talking with my mom. Well actually no, after the episode aired, my mom called and was like, Amy Elizabeth, do you really not know why I didn’t let you have Barbies? 

Because I guess that’s what I said on the podcast and I was like, not really. I mean, I think it was something about body image and then my sister, she chimed in to the conversation at one point and she was like no, we could not have Barbies because mom said we couldn’t have them unless we had a body like theirs and there’s no way that two could get a body like theirs and there’s no way that we could have a body like theirs. There’s no reason to have such a ridiculous toy.

[0:08:59.7] ERIN LINEHAN: Okay, did your mom agree with that?

[0:09:00.8] AMY MOOREY MOORE: Yeah. She was like, well, my mom said, I don’t remember putting it exactly like that but her whole thing was like, she didn’t want Barbies in the house because she didn’t want us to think that like that’s the body we should have or aim to have. Thanks, Mom.

[0:09:20.3] ERIN LINEHAN: Now we’re doing a podcast about connection and my mother was talking to me about whenever we’re talking about reaching out or something like that and she was like that and she was like well you know, mothers are included in the reaching out and you should call your mother once a week and I was like okay, I’ll get ton that, yes.

[0:09:40.0] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, my mom. I have a mom story too about that and she’s like. I know you think you’re really good at connection but you have some things to work on. Okay mom. We like to go to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch in Omaha Nebraska, if you are near it, go to it, it’s amazing but we like to go every year and I was actually total bitch to my mom this year. Some outside things happening and I had to – 

[0:10:08.0] AMY MOORE: You were a stellar connector?

[0:10:10.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah. Coming after like that conference and I was there and I’m like man.

[0:10:14.8] ERIN LINEHAN: Gold star Anna.

[0:10:17.4] ANNA NEWELL JONES: I literally am like my worst self with her. Sorry mom but I had to send her a text and be like man, sorry I was such a bitch. What about – doing this podcast and we do Erin’s giving me a confused look.

[0:10:33.0] ERIN LINEHAN: No, I’m just intently paying attention.

[0:10:34.7] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Okay.

[0:10:36.1] ERIN LINEHAN: I think where you’re headed.

[0:10:37.3] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, we have been doing this podcast about connection and we tried to do a couple of episodes in one weekend and we got so sick of each other.

[0:10:46.9] AMY MOORE: Yeah that one. We’re doing a podcast about connection and we fight like siblings.

[0:10:53.7] ERIN LINEHAN: For sure.

[0:10:55.9] ERIN LINEHAN: Well, Anna likes to poke me. That’s what happens.

[0:10:58.8] AMY MOORE: And vice versa. 

[0:11:03.0] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yes, thank you Amy. This is true.

[0:11:06.4] ERIN LINEHAN: Good, see? Look at this good middle child here jumping in, taking them all.

[0:11:12.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Very diplomatic.

[0:11:12.6] ERIN LINEHAN: You know it, keep it clear.

[0:11:14.2] AMY MOORE: I’m going to go back to my original connection and just say a couple more things that I think is like – it just adds to the irony of it all is that I think that this podcast is such a gift even though it’s super ironic that I’m going through this divorce and for all of you out there who have gone through this like wow, it is intense and so difficult and I am here for you. 

I have to say that it’s like the podcast about connection has just made me – I mean, I knew that was like a core value and how grateful I am to be able to fight like siblings with you all and be able to connect through this venue and such strong, develop such strong friendships and really, to learn about what kind of connection I want as I am now reinventing myself. The irony is there and so is the gift.

[0:12:18.0] ERIN LINEHAN: I think for sure and live just the gift of like because it kind of happened all in a whirlwind so fast and so just like the – it’s been – I feel real grateful for, that we get this time together and that we get to talk to all these really cool people and the season coming up and learn from them and then because the thing it’s purposeful time to stop and reflect which I’m really grateful and talk about it because I feel like we can talk about these things at coffee but we get way more or we go into it, just – it’s been awesome.

[0:12:47.5] AMY MOORE: Yeah.

[0:12:47.9] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah. Well, I think too like hearing like you know, saying like yeah, we fight like siblings. The part of that is really so cool is that what makes it different than just like a regular old friendship – we’re just so great at so many things is that – 

[0:13:09.7] ERIN LINEHAN: She likes the bill. Validation schools, yeah.

[0:13:15.8] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Is that we know that it’s unconditional in a way, it’s like okay, the coming back, it’s the okay, you can say something offensive and I’ll still love you.

[0:13:24.4] ERIN LINEHAN: Yes, absolutely.

[0:13:26.3] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Fuck shit up or we’ll poke each other and then it’s like whatever, I still love you.

[0:13:30.6] AMY MOORE: Or I can be a real direct bitch and you guys will be like – 

[0:13:33.7] ANNA NEWELL JONES: We love you.

[0:13:35.2] AMY MOORE: Amy are you irritable today?

[0:13:37.0] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah.

[0:13:38.0] AMY MOORE: Yes I am, how about the other day.

[0:13:40.8] ERIN LINEHAN: You were like on the table.

[0:13:44.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: We were dealing with scheduling stuff.

[0:13:45.8] ERIN LINEHAN: On the table and she’s got her hand in her head and I’m like wow, she’s real prickly. Amy, are you irritable? She’s like, picks her head up real slow and it was like, actually, yes. Okay, well, thank you for letting me know.

[0:14:00.3] AMY MOORE: And then I have to apologize and then you all reminded me that you’ll love me no matter what and oh my god, thank you yeah,

[0:14:10.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: And I think we all know that like however you show up just show up we’ll love you wherever you’re at, whatever you’re going through like – 

[0:14:17.6] AMY MOORE: Yeah, but I think too the other thing that is really interesting that I have learned about connection and what I want from connection, what kind of connection I want is that it definitely takes effort and work and being intentional and so I think that you know even friends in my life who have reached out during this more difficult time for me I just see like oh man the importance of these people and really going forward, I just want to intentionally connect more. 

And I think the podcast has just made it so front and center, this connection, what I want, how am I going to do it, who do I want to do this, who is safe, who is – where is there a give and take type of relationship not one-sided or whatever it might be but I think that it is very – it is just I have learned a lot. 

[0:15:19.9] ERIN LINEHAN: A lot, me too. 

[0:15:21.2] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, same here. 

[0:15:22.7] AMY MOORE: So yeah and what we realized is that we can learn so much from other people. 

[0:15:29.7] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah because we are bad at connection, right? It turns out. 

[0:15:34.7] ERIN LINEHAN: We’re learning. 

[0:15:36.8] AMY MOORE: So for Season 2 we are super excited because we have found all these people who have amazing stories about connection and what we decided to do for Season 2 – 

[0:15:49.6] ANNA NEWELL JONES: And Erin eluded to it a little earlier. 

[0:15:52.0] AMY MOORE: Yeah, is interviews. So we are alternating the first week we are going to start of actually tomorrow there is going to be our first interview that is going to come out and it is an incredible story and then the next week, it will just be the three of us in studio kind of talking about some things that came up for us during the interview. So we find the topic and then we’ll talk about that and bring resources and hopefully more helpful tips and some things like that. 

[0:16:24.0] ERIN LINEHAN: And we had – so I wanted that format very important because when I am listening to podcasts on different shows when they interview really cool people but then you just get the interview, which is awesome but then I really want to know what are the nuggets that picked out and then further discussion about what they talked about in the episode and so that is what we hoped to bring, further discussion about what amazing things the person have to say so. 

[0:16:50.8] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah it is like their launching off point for the episode of like, “Okay, what stood out regarding connection and the tidbits. 

[0:16:58.1] ERIN LINEHAN: Yeah I had serious fan girl. 

[0:16:59.6] ANNA NEWELL JONES: With some of our guest. 

[0:17:00.8] ERIN LINEHAN: With some of our guest yes. 

[0:17:02.2] AMY MOORE: Yes you did. Anna who are they? 

[0:17:04.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yes, so in season two coming up. 

[0:17:08.7] AMY MOORE: You love the drum roll Anna. 

[0:17:11.2] ANNA NEWELL JONES: I do. Okay so we have Kelsey and Brian of A Light we Share. We have Moorea Seal of and the 52 List Project. We have Sarah Kozlowski of We’ve got Eryn Eddy of We have Sadie Lincoln of Barre3, her workshop is what prompted this whole thing and the topic for the whole podcast about us realizing we had connection as a similar value in our lives. 

And then we have Katie Garces of We have Feather Berkower of We have John Weisbarth, one of the host of Tiny House Nation and we have Tiffany Jenkins of and author of High Achiever, the book. 

[0:18:10.5] ERIN LINEHAN: And I read that book it’s so good and she’s amazing that is when I fan-girled out like a champ. 

[0:18:16.4] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah and the wonderful amazing Ariel Britt of Beauty in the Grit Podcast. So we are so excited and we have some amazing sponsors coming up for this season, holy cow. 

[0:18:29.5] ERIN LINEHAN: Yeah, Mustache Coffee Club. 

[0:18:32.8] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yep, we’ve got – who else do we got? 

[0:18:34.0] AMY MOORE: Teko Tea. Icelandic tea, let us know if you want to buy some from me. 

[0:18:40.6] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah just send an email to and we’ll hook you up with that. Who else do we got? Oh Juju Be Gone. We are doing a freaking collab with him. It’s amazing.

[0:18:54.7] AMY MOORE: It is amazing. There is a cozy up and listen Juju Be Gone and Less Alone Podcast gift box. 

[0:19:02.6] ERIN LINEHAN: And you know what else is coming? 

[0:19:03.6] AMY MOORE: What? 

[0:19:05.1] ERIN LINEHAN: Less Alone Podcast playlist.  

[0:19:08.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Oh yeah. 

[0:19:11.1] AMY MOORE: Yeah, Erin you’re pick. 

[0:19:11.8] ERIN LINEHAN: Ooh we got a chill mix and we got to pump it up, hype mix actually is what Anna called it. So we’ll go with that hype mix and then what was the thing on Spotify that you were talking about? 

[0:19:21.3] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Oh yeah, we can do a collaborative playlist. So we can hear, find out what your favorite hype or chill or should we mix them up or just keep it as one list? So we’ll have our hype list, we’ll have our chill list that we create and then we can have a Less Alone Podcast community list with all of your favorites. 

[0:19:41.3] AMY MOORE: Love it. 

[0:19:41.9] ANNA NEWELL JONES: So we’ll put it in the show notes. It is super fun yeah and – 

[0:19:45.7] ERIN LINEHAN: It is super fun and I didn’t know you could do that. 

[0:19:46.6] AMY MOORE: Share your favorites. 

[0:19:48.2] ANNA NEWELL JONES: It is a new thing. 

[0:19:48.6] ERIN LINEHAN: Well Spotify is doing something well. 

[0:19:50.3] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah they are doing a really good thing. So I think that is going to be super fun and music is like – 

[0:19:56.0] AMY MOORE: There is a lot of exciting things happening in Season 2. We are excited. 

[0:19:59.5] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Also another thing coming for this season is we have add in season two and so it helps – we have been paying for this podcast production out of pocket and it is not cheap. This is why we have ads and sponsors for this season and so we need your support. 

[0:20:17.2] AMY MOORE: So that we can keep producing, yeah. 

[0:20:18.8] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, we want to keep doing this. 

[0:20:20.3] ERIN LINEHAN: That is why we have the review stuff because that helps with sponsorship. 

[0:20:23.2] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, so this is a way for us to keep making the show, keep providing value to you, make it a sustainable thing. So when you support these sponsors that we have carefully chosen for the show, you are helping us continue what we’re doing and we appreciate that so much when you support our sponsors. So is one of the sponsors. They’ve been sending these coffee to keep us caffeinated. 

It is a subscription, delicious, it’s so good and that’s the other thing we are only choosing sponsors and brands to collaborate with that and truly in alignment with what we’re doing. We are not going to just spam you with a whole bunch of bullshit like that sucks so. 

[0:21:04.5] AMY MOORE: So Mustache Coffee started in LA and now, they’re in Oregon and they’ve roast their coffee the day before it ships and so it is crazy fresh. 

[0:21:18.2] ANNA NEWELL JONES: It’s crazy fresh it makes a big difference. 

[0:21:19.0] ERIN LINEHAN: What is the big thing? 

[0:21:19.9] AMY MOORE: Yes, so they don’t have an expiration date. Instead they have a drink after date. 

[0:21:26.4] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Because it is that damn fresh. 

[0:21:28.2] AMY MOORE: Yeah because there are certain time, I want to say it is like three days maybe after roasting is the ideal time to drink the coffee and so that the roasting maybe settles, I have no idea. I am just pulling that totally out of my ass right now but – 

[0:21:43.8] ERIN LINEHAN: I’d believe you. 

[0:21:44.5] ANNA NEWELL JONES: I believed it that was like yeah that sounds right. 

[0:21:46.0] AMY MOORE: Right, yeah it settles into the bean anyway. 

[0:21:50.3] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah let’s just go with that. 

[0:21:51.5] AMY MOORE: Good. So they sent out a new flavor and they are very particular about fair trade and fair pay. 

[0:21:57.4] ERIN LINEHAN: Paying over market. 

[0:21:58.6] AMY MOORE: Yes, they pay over market. Yeah. 

[0:22:00.8] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yes, so they are an ethical company doing great sustainable things. 

[0:22:05.0] AMY MOORE: Wait I want to talk about one other very important sponsor of ours. Teko Tea, I really hope you check this out because it is Icelandic tea meaning that they use all kinds of native Icelandic herbs and they mix them into different blends so – 

[0:22:22.5] ERIN LINEHAN: But also they are the highest northern most tea. 

[0:22:25.7] AMY MOORE: Green tea plantation.

[0:22:26.7] ERIN LINEHAN: That is amazing. That’s crazy because you hear about all the warm climates and Iceland is not a warm climate. 

[0:22:31.5] AMY MOORE: Yeah and they are premium green tea is very – it was award winning for green tea in the world and they are working on scaling that plantation and so obviously that one is the most expensive tea but they also have these incredible blends. So there is three green tea options, three black tea options and all of them have the Icelandic herbs. So they are delicious I – 

[0:23:02.6] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah you like Cayman Raven. 

[0:23:05.1] AMY MOORE: Yes, and I am a huge fan but I have to tell you the owner is I am even a bigger fan of hers and she works with women business owners in Iceland and she really works – she loves our podcast. She knows how important the work is to – 

[0:23:23.0] ERIN LINEHAN: Does she know Bjork? 

[0:23:24.1] AMY MOORE: I do not know but I will ask her. 

[0:23:26.0] ERIN LINEHAN: Because I love me some Bjork. 

[0:23:28.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: That was the first CD I ever had. 

[0:23:30.2] ERIN LINEHAN: So quiet. Oh god, yes so good. Sorry go ahead. 

[0:23:33.8] ANNA NEWELL JONES: I remember picking out that. 

[0:23:35.3] AMY MOORE: Let us add it to the playlist. 

[0:23:36.5] ERIN LINEHAN: Oh yeah Amy, yes. 

[0:23:39.8] AMY MOORE: So I just got to say, I am a huge, huge supporter of not only the flavor of the tea but mostly the woman who has started the company and what she is doing for other women and other women in business in Iceland and how much she supports podcast, our podcast. 

[0:23:57.2] ANNA NEWELL JONES: It is so cool, we appreciate it so much. 

[0:23:59.2] AMY MOORE: Oh my gosh and to have that international connection and just knowing like it doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter. 

[0:24:05.9] ANNA NEWELL JONES: This is a human issue. 

[0:24:06.6] AMY MOORE: Yes and it is a human need to find true connection and you know men, women, children, it doesn’t matter you know? 

[0:24:14.7] ANNA NEWELL JONES: And everybody needs that connection.

[0:24:16.7] ERIN LINEHAN: You know what that also reminds me of? You know what we have tried to perfect this season coming up? Amy’s favorite thing, the perfect high five. 

[0:24:25.0] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yes, shall we practice? 

[0:24:27.6] AMY MOORE: Oh my god. 

[0:24:29.3] ERIN LINEHAN: One more, one more. Okay so I was teaching Anna about the perfect high five if you were not sure – 

[0:24:37.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: I guess apparently I am really bad at high fiving. I keep trying.

[0:24:39.3] ERIN LINEHAN: She is terrible actually. Not even bad too. I know you are persistent so that is good. As you look at your standing where your arms are out and then I am looking at Anna’s elbow and Anna is looking at my elbow. 

[0:24:52.4] AMY MOORE: I just want you all to know that by the end of Season 2 you are going to be so annoyed with the perfect high five. 

[0:24:59.9] ERIN LINEHAN: I am not and so the issue was well – 

[0:25:04.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: And still is. 

[0:25:04.6] ERIN LINEHAN: It still is that you are supposed to go out. So I look at the elbow and then you go straight out from there and it makes this perfect noise. However, Anna we are working on coordination. 

[0:25:15.0] ANNA NEWELL JONES: I am bad at coordination. 

[0:25:16.6] ERIN LINEHAN: Keeps going up and then we miss and so it is Amy’s favorite thing and she gets real annoyed like right now. Tell us about that experience, Amy.

[0:25:23.1] AMY MOORE: I hear about it all the time. It is so annoying. 

[0:25:25.7] ERIN LINEHAN: That was a pretty good segue because you don’t even know it was coming. 

[0:25:28.2] AMY MOORE: I did not know it was coming. I did not. 

[0:25:31.4] ANNA NEWELL JONES: I’m like, oh we get to practice? 

[0:25:33.2] AMY MOORE: I thought you might talk about nut juice but anyway I would just quickly say – 

[0:25:38.3] ERIN LINEHAN: Wait hold on, so it is this thing in Instagram this is hilarious. So I saw this thing in Instagram – 

[0:25:43.1] ANNA NEWELL JONES: You cannot just say nut juice and say okay now to the next thing. 

[0:25:46.2] ERIN LINEHAN: I was on Instagram and it says something about you know why companies should just call almond milk nut juice and I showed this to them and Anna’s face like contorted into disgust. 

[0:25:58.8] AMY MOORE: Went to the gutter. 

[0:25:59.3] ERIN LINEHAN: Went to the gutter and so – 

[0:26:00.8] ANNA NEWELL JONES: But I love it. I love that dirty joke. 

[0:26:03.3] ERIN LINEHAN: And so when I can make Anna get queasy or uncomfortable in her seat then I have done my job for the day. 

[0:26:09.2] AMY MOORE: Because you are the youngest. 

[0:26:11.6] ERIN LINEHAN: Yep.

[0:26:12.4] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Well and so this is so funny – 

[0:26:13.2] ERIN LINEHAN: My sisters are going to so appreciate this shit by the way. 

[0:26:16.5] ANNA NEWELL JONES: I have told my sisters like we have this texting thing and whenever – well it is actually with my twin sister not my younger sister but with my twin sister if we can get each other to say “ew” or like do the barf emoji we know we have done our job. It is like the goal is to take it so far that it is like “ew that is nasty” so the nut juice. 

[0:26:37.5] AMY MOORE: We have our merch shop. 

[0:26:40.0] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yes so that’s really good. 

[0:26:41.3] AMY MOORE: Yeah buy your sweatshirts, hats, mugs so awesome. 

[0:26:45.5] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah all the proceeds go to helping the production of the show. We are trying to find some clever ways to continue to do this podcast. 

[0:26:55.7] ERIN LINEHAN: And post that stuff on social media so I will like to give a shout out to our first buyer which was Sherry. 

[0:27:04.7] ANNA NEWELL JONES: So all right, one last thing we have created a six step road map to instant connection. It is so cool, we worked on it together. It’s got all – well we may suck at connection sometimes, it has helped us. It does not suck and it’s like – 

[0:27:21.5] AMY MOORE: And we are not terrible 

[0:27:22.8] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, we are not terrible at it. It’s just we have room to grow and we’re exploring it and we’re curious and you know – 

[0:27:31.1] AMY MOORE: We hope the road map helps that’s what it is. 

[0:27:33.8] ERIN LINEHAN: Those are the things that helped us. 

[0:27:35.3] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yes, exactly. Learn from our mistakes, these are the things that work. So it is completely awesome if I do say so myself. 

[0:27:44.1] ERIN LINEHAN: If you ever want to feel bad get it by yourself, have Anna around because she will keep validating. 

[0:27:47.9] ANNA NEWELL JONES: I will be your hype person. 

[0:27:48.3] ERIN LINEHAN: Yep good. We all need one of those. 

[0:27:51.2] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Yeah, well my love languages words of affirmation. So that is how I share love. 

[0:27:55.6] AMY MOORE: So the road map? 

[0:27:57.0] ANNA NEWELL JONES: So the road map, It is awesome, go get yours, six step road map to instant connection. 

[0:28:07.1] AMY MOORE: And enjoy the first interview tomorrow. 

[0:28:10.2] ERIN LINEHAN: Brian and Kelsey, it is a good one. It is so good. 

[0:28:11.0] ANNA NEWELL JONES: It is going to be so awesome. Oh it is so good, this guy died twice. 

[0:28:13.9] AMY MOORE: Okay. 

[0:28:16.0] ANNA NEWELL JONES: I am getting lots of hands signals I don’t know what they mean. 

[0:28:18.6] ERIN LINEHAN: It means we need to stop talking. 

[0:28:20.8] AMY MOORE: Yes, all right. 

[0:28:22.3] ANNA NEWELL JONES: Okay bye. 

[0:28:23.2] ERIN LINEHAN: Bye. 

[0:28:24.6] ANNA NEWELL JONES: See you tomorrow. 


[0:28:29.4] AMY MOORE: Thanks for listening. You can find more about this episode and a way to connect to the community at and if you like us, don’t forget to subscribe and be sure to leave a review. It helps other people find us and could be just what they need.


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