EP12: Basically, ALL THE THINGS

EP12: Basically, ALL THE THINGS - Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection


In this episode, we tackle some of the talking points that were shared in last week’s episode as Brian and Kelsey McNeill (of A Light We Share) told us about what it was like to have not one, but two(!), near-death experiences and how those experiences have shaped their lives and changed the course of their future. 

We talk about the importance of connecting, and reconnecting, with those in our lives, how to cultivate the habit of telling people that you appreciate them (and why!) and how social media was utilized as a vital communication channel in a difficult time.

We also chat about how to be a good listener to people who are going through a hard time and how to give them the space to express themselves without necessarily offering advice or telling that that everything will “be okay”. Toxic positivity not allowed! 

We talk about all of this and more so be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A quick overview of the main takeaways from our conversation with Brian and Kelsey of A Light We Share.
  • The importance of reconnecting with people and expressing our gratitude of them, to them. 
  • How to use social media as a communication when seeking internal and external support. 
  • What to do when you repeatedly reach out to someone and they don’t respond. 
  • Learning who you can count on when you’re going through a crisis. 
  • The value of direct communication and sincerity.  
  • Navigating the balance between setting boundaries and not hurting someone else’s feelings. 
  • How to send text messages that cut through the nonsense and invite honesty. 
  • Exploring the idea of “toxic positivity” and how to hold space for any emotion a person might have. 
  • Defining moments in live and near-death experiences. 
  • And much more! 

Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Intro and Outro Music Credit: Night Owl by Broke for Free from the Album Directionless EP (Creative Commons License)

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The HYPE playlist will give you the songs we go to when we want to get hyped up before recording our episodes! The CHILL playlist is just that, way more chill. And, the COLLAB playlist is where we want YOU to add your faves so we can get to know what y’all are listening to and loving!

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EP11: Living Once, Dying Twice, & Sharing the Light, ALWAYS w/ Kelsey & Brian of A Light We Share

 Living Once, Dying Twice, & Sharing the Light, ALWAYS w/ Kelsey & Brian of A Light We Share on Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection


Welcome back for the 2nd season of the Less Alone Podcast! Today, we’ve got an incredible story to share with you! Joining us for our very 1st interview EVER are Brian and Kelsey McNeill of A Light We Share

Humans are magnificent beings, as Brian and Kelsey will testify. After Brian’s two near-death experiences, Brian and Kelsey have a new mission through their movement called A Light We Share, and that involves telling others about the incredible support that we can be to one another and the effect we can have in the lives of those around us. They share about their journey of hardship and pain, but more than that, about people’s ability to pull together and support one another. 

They also talk about how each person has worth and the fact that each of us brings beauty into the world and that we are all worthy of life. Brian and Kelsey share their in-depth accounts of the months though his illness and how the whole process has transformed their perspective on life and compelled them to share their hope with others. 

They have a truly incredible story! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The role of hospital staff in patients’ physical and mental recovery. 
  • Where the concept of A Light We Share came from.  
  • How Kelsey and Brian met and discovering that Salida, Colorado  was where they wanted to live.  
  • Being diagnosed with aortic stenosis at age eight and the symptoms that presented in 2018. 
  • Brian’s experience of being flown to Colorado Springs in a helicopter ambulance. 
  • Meeting with the surgeon, Dr. Muhammed Aftab, and having a heart attack in the hospital.  
  • Deciding between the two potentially life-threatening treatment options. 
  • How Brian had bleeding into the brain, spent two weeks in the neurosurgery ICU and experienced memory loss.  
  • How a six-hour surgery turned into a 14 hour one and what happened when Brian’s heart stopped. 
  • Brian’s “non-traditional” near-death experience and his consequent questions about purpose.  
  • A serious setback at home, having CPR for 50 minutes and a worse prognosis. 
  • Kelsey’s experience of being angry and grateful at the same time. 
  • Brian’s belief in God, humanity and our capacity to take care of one another.  
  • The blog that Kelsey wrote, suffering PTSD and the emotional work they’re both doing. 
  • The importance of each person taking CPR classes and knowing you can save a life. 
  • How Brian’s thoughts on life have changed and learning the value of intentionality. 
  • Figuring out what exactly A Light We Share will mean and how they will share their story. 
  • And much more! 

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Less Alone is a podcast about connection. We cover the nuance of relationships, friends, friendship, life, love, loneliness and, of course, all thing “connection.” Our award-winning podcast is created in dreamy Denver, Colorado with co-hosts: Amy Moore, Anna Newell Jones and Erin Linehan.

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Less Alone Podcast in 5280 Magazine!

less alone podcast 5280 magazine denver amy moore, anna newell jones, erin linehan. denver podcasters thump coffee


Sarah Protzman Howlett did such an AMAZING job writing the story about the podcast for 5280 Magazine! We are also so thankful to Matthew DeFeo for taking the great photograph of us!

If you’re in Denver, be sure to grab a copy of the October issue of 5280 magazine! It’s on stands now!

If you’re not in Denver, you can read the article online here: Less Alone Podcast is Here to Help You Deepen Your Friendships. The hosts behind the new podcast unpack the nuances of adult friendship.

THANK YOU 5280 Magazine, Sarah, Matthew and everyone else that was involved in the article!!!

Here we are with Sarah right after our interview with her! L-R: Sarah Protzman Howlett, Erin Linehan, Anna Newell Jones, Amy Moore

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